Adventures in the Caf: Dispatches from the #1 College Dining Hall in the Nation

St. Olaf’s dining hall is ridiculous (in a good way).

After we were named the best caf in the nation this summer – Check it out here! -it’s been some sort of race to stay at the top. And we are reaping the benefits. Besides our usual plethora of gourmet-level options (goat cheese and salmon make regular appearances on the menu, as well as a slew of foods that I’m not even going to attempt to pronounce…)Even better, however, have been the last two week’ “giant bar night” (with dessert bars, not the booze kind…this is a dry campus, after all) and the best of all…drumroll…”ice cream in a kiddie pool night” (I think it’s actually something like “BEACH PARTY!!!!” night, but I’ve never been to a beach party where that kind of thing occurs…and even if it did, I’d be pretty suspicious.)

Apparently this is a thing that happens.

I’m just hoping I get a job next year where this kind of thing is a regular occurrence…St. Olaf has spoiled me for life.

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