Content Created at Patch

Patch specializes in quick, short videos shot on our phones that give readers a quick glimpse into what’s happening in their community. Below are some of the videos that I’ve created. Typically, I aim to put up at least one video per week on Patch.

Not Just Folkin’ Around: The Evolution of Dance at St. Olaf College
I made this documentary with Kelsey Keegan for my Media Studies seminar, entitled “Media and Religion”. It focuses on the evolution of dance at St. Olaf, from being completely banned to being welcomed – and even encouraged – in all parts of campus.

You’ve Got Male
This is a documentary I made for my American Manhood seminar on Romantic Comedies, and how they influence our notions of love. Integrated into is a short screenplay I wrote about what would happen if a Rom-Com male met a real-world female. The cinematography is a little off – the only camera I had access to was a shaky handheld…

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